Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Manoukian Brothers™ Rugs located?

After 96 years in the Nation’s Capital, we are now conveniently located at 2330 Columbia Pike  in South Arlington, VA. We’re 1.5 miles directly west of the Pentagon.

What kind of repairs does Manoukian Brothers™ offer?

Manoukian Brothers™ is equipped to restore your rug through hand repair, reweaving, binding sides, replacing fringe, fixing discoloration, patching tears and holes, and more. If you have a question about a repair that you need done, feel free to contact us

Do I need to repair or do I need to restore my rug?

Restoration entails replicating your rug’s original weave by using similar techniques, materials, and colors. On the contrary, repair simply involves making the rug usable through less authentic means. While older and valuable rugs might demand restoration, a newer rug typically only requires repair.

Do I need a rug pad?

It helps. The right rug pad reduces slippage, reduces wear, adds cushion and comfort, and dampens noise. Some pads include the added benefit of a moisture barrier protecting wood floor damage from pet accidents and drink spills. Manoukian Brothers™ can custom fit a rug pad to your freshly cleaned rug. Order a pad today

What should I do if my pet has an accident on my rug?

If you find that your pet has had an accident on your rug, promptly absorb as much of the urine as you can before applying a solution made from one part water and one part vinegar. Be sure not to rub the area, but blot it with white tissues or towels. Be attentive as the longer the rug goes unaddressed, the more difficult it will be to remove potential stains later on. Keep in mind that over-the-counter spot removers may damage your rug as they are often too aggressive and may contain bleach.

Can I use a wall-to-wall carpet cleaner on my rug?

A wall-to-wall carpet cleaner will only clean the surface of your rug. A proper cleaning requires a more robust process, including washing the back side and fringes. Also, hot water should not be used when cleaning a traditional wool rug, as heat risks altering the rug’s fibers or colors.

Can I clean my rug at home?

Cleaning your rug at home is not recommended as it is a challenge to remove dust and dirt, dry both sides, and clean the fringes. Though at-home cleaning may seem simpler and cheaper than a professional cleaning, you risk damaging your rug or your wood floor. A proper cleaning will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

How long does it take to clean a rug?

Turnaround time is less than two weeks to clean your rug depending on the type of rug and our current cleaning cycle.

Can all types of rugs be cleaned?

Manoukian Brothers™ professionally cleans all types of oriental and area rugs. Whether your rug is a more recent production or an antique, made of wool, silk, viscose or some other fiber we can likely clean it.

How much does a rug cleaning cost?

The price for cleaning is determined on a case-by-case basis. We calculate the cost based on the size, fiber content, and condition. Additionally, a discount will be provided if you drop off and pick up your rugs at the Manoukian Brothers™ showroom. If you plan on bringing a rug in, let us know via our Contact Form or giving us a Call.

What happens when I bring a rug in for cleaning and/or repair?

We will review your rug to explain the service options that will improve the vitality and luster of your rug and provide you with an estimate. We will also address any special concerns you may have so that you may make the most informed choices.

How does Manoukian Brothers™ clean my rug?

We apply a century of knowledge, experience and TLC to every rug we clean. The basic approach is to evaluate each rugs specific needs before applying the ideal method. In the case of a classic wool Oriental rug; after the rug’s evaluation, we dust, then wash with lots of clean & pure water infused with specialized textile detergent, followed by a thorough fresh water rinse, and finally an expeditious drying process. The process ends with a post-cleaning evaluation to confirm that your rug has been cleaned and rejuvenated.

How often should I clean my rugs?

One of our customer’s most common questions. Every two to three years, is a good general rule of thumb. But, it really depends on the amount and intensity of traffic on your rugs. Rugs in high-traffic areas, like the front foyer or main hall, may require more frequent cleaning and repair whereas a less travelled rug in the back den may require fewer cleanings.

Can oriental rugs be vacuumed and cleaned?

Yes and Yes. Oriental and other types of area rugs should be carefully vacuumed regularly, particularly in high traffic areas. Most soil in rugs is dry particulate matter, which acts as sandpaper and accelerates wear if it is not removed. Thicker rugs that are not regularly vacuumed can become impacted with dry soil over time, making it difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Do you offer pick up & delivery service?

Yes! FREE Pick-up and delivery is available for the Washington community. We regularly schedule pickups and deliveries to our clients. We offer prompt, professional home appointments. Simply contact us to schedule pick-up or delivery.

What kind of rugs do you clean?

All kinds. Agra to Zollanvari, Afghan to Persian, classic hand knotted to more contemporary machine made area rugs, over the last century we have sold them all and we cleaned them all. We evaluate the rug’s origin, structure, fiber content, and other factors to decide on the best professional cleaning process.

How is Manoukian Brothers™ Rugs different from the rest?

Established in 1922, Manoukian Brothers™ Oriental Rugs is the oldest, full service retail rug boutique serving Washingtonians. We are a family owned, 3rd generation business. During our first 100 years we have sold, cleaned & repaired hundreds of thousands of hand knotted and area rugs.

How long does it take to clean a rug?

Typically, it is less than two weeks. Please be aware that current cleaning demands and any rug repairs may require additional time.

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